Australian athletes could benefit from sports performance bonuses

Australia’s top athletes could be eligible for sports performance-based bonuses if the Federal Government passes new legislation, a new report suggests.

Key points:The AFL and Australian Football League have already taken steps to boost the value of sports performance contractsThe AFL says it’s considering whether to introduce similar measures for footballUnder the current system, players earn a performance-related salary of about $10,000 a year under the terms of a performance contract.

That means they have to make the full minimum contribution and receive the maximum bonus.

But the Government is now considering whether it should consider increasing the bonus to $40,000 or more, with a cap on the maximum amount.AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan says the Government needs to consider whether the performance bonus should be indexed.

“We’ve heard that there’s a big difference between performance and performance bonus payments,” he said.

“There are some other ways of getting those, but the AFL is in discussions with the Government about whether that should be done in a more structured way, to see if we can do it.”

The AFL has already taken the steps to increase the value and the size of the performance-linked salary.

The AFL’s head of financial planning and development, Greg Worsley, said it would be “a lot more effective” to apply a performance bonus to a player’s salary, rather than a performance salary, because it was a “signal to the market” about the player’s commitment to the sport.

“The AFL would like to have that performance bonus indexed, so that it is a sign to the markets, to the community and the sport, that these players have made that commitment to playing for their clubs,” he told ABC NewsRadio’s PM program.

“They’re working hard and they’ve got a job to do and we’d like to see that payback in the form of a big salary package.”

The Government has been pushing for a “performance bonus index” to be introduced for sports, saying that if performance-enhancing drugs are banned or suspended, the game will be less popular and players will be paid less.

The Government says the new legislation will boost the Australian economy by $2 billion, but critics say it is an expensive way to boost wages.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said he believed that “in a small number of cases, it might be worth it”, but that there were “real problems with it”.

“We have a real problem in Australia of the sport being played in a way that does not reflect our society, our values and our values as a nation,” he says.

“In some cases, we have athletes who are paid to be part of this game that have had drugs that they have taken that have put their bodies and careers at risk.”

This is not the game we want to be playing in our country.

“Opposition sports spokesman James Merlino said the Government needed to look at the best way to incentivise players.”

If they want to reward performance, they should incentivise those athletes, whether they play for the AFL or another sport, they need to be rewarded, they shouldn’t be rewarded on a performance basis,” he tells ABC News Radio’s AM program.

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