Awwww! You were born a man! Awwwww! Now you’re a man…

It’s a little ironic that as a gay man in a gay country, I was born in a country where homosexuality was criminalized.

I wasn’t born with that privilege.

I grew up in a conservative town in the Philippines.

I was taught that homosexuality was a sin, that it was a mental disorder and that homosexuality is a curse.

So, as a young boy, I didn’t even want to try to act gay, because I thought I’d been born a homosexual.

I thought, I don’t want to be a homosexual, and I didn.

I didn, until I was in my teens.

I had a crush on a girl.

And as I grew older, I realized that I had the right to be gay, and that’s what I did.

I was born gay, but it wasn’t the gay thing that I felt.

The gay thing was my choice.

It wasn’t like, I want to change who I am.

It was just my choice, and it was the right choice.

I thought that it’s okay for me to be attracted to girls.

But I never felt that I was gay.

In fact, my sexual orientation was more of a curiosity than anything else.

So as I got older, it became less of a choice.

As a teen, I thought, If I’m a gay boy, what am I supposed to do with my life?

I was always told that it would be impossible to live a normal life.

I don’ want to go to school and do my job, and so I would just have to conform to the stereotypes.

I didn’t have much choice, as it turned out.

It’s hard to accept the fact that you were born gay.

As a young man, you have to pretend to be straight.

I would always have to look for girls.

And the worst part is that my girlfriend at the time didn’t like me because she didn’t think I was a good gay man.

I used to try and get married, and then I would get divorced.

And then I started dating boys.

And it was hard to change my orientation, but I thought it would work out somehow.

As I got married and had kids, it just became harder to get out of my past.

I just had to accept that I am a gay.

I always wanted to have children.

I tried for years to have kids with girls, and finally I decided that it wasn’ because I was not a good father, and because I wasn’t a good mother.

I’m not gay.

I married a woman.

I want children.

As soon as I found out, I said to my girlfriend, I can’t have kids.

But the other girl in the group said, If you want kids, you should have them now.

And I was completely devastated.

It hurt so much that I would be rejected by my family.

I started thinking about suicide.

And I said, I won’t take my own life because I don,t want to lose my family, and if I do, I will kill myself.

And she said, No, don’t do it.

That was a really tough moment for me.

And for her, too.

I never want to say that I’m happy that I have children because I would never want that to happen to anyone else.

But what I can say is that I don,’t regret my sexuality.

It worked out, and now I can do what I want.

I can live the way I want and live with who I want without regret.

And then I found that I didn’ want kids.

I grew up and I was very religious.

I studied religious studies in high school.

I got my bachelor’s degree in religious studies, but the rest of my time was spent studying the Bible.

I spent a lot of time studying the Koran.

And when I finished that, I went back to study religion.

As for the other girls, they weren’t really interested in the Bible because they were so religious, and they were also interested in being a mother.

So I was the only one of the girls who wanted to be my mother.

And so I became a father.

It became a lot easier for me than I thought.

I learned about what to do when a woman doesn’t want kids and what to expect from a woman when a man doesn’t have children and what not to do if a woman says she wants children.

And after a few years, I became very open about my sexuality and my gender identity.

And they were really supportive.

I became more accepting.

I also started dating guys who are not necessarily straight.

So the transition was a lot smoother than I expected.

I don’t know what I would have done differently.

I wouldn’t have gone back to being straight.

Maybe I would still have been gay, maybe I would not have had

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