‘Bulldogs are better than I thought’: Bully and bulldog clash

Source: News.au article The Bulldogs are better-than-expected this year and have beaten a lowly Brisbane Lions side, while the Bully was named in the All-Australian team.

Read more”They’re a different animal.

It’s a big difference between the two,” said former AFL player and coach, Tony Thompson, who played for the Brawny.”

Bully is like a bully in that way, they are very aggressive.

They’re not shy, they’re not going to sit back and take a beating.

They’ll come at you, they’ll get you.”

The Brawnys are a lot stronger than they used to be, Thompson said.

“Bulldogs play a lot better than they did last year.

They have been much more physical.”

Thompson said the Bulldogs were more likely to hit back and get a better result.

“Bully and Bulldog are different beasts,” he said.

The Bulldogs are unbeaten in their last eight matches against the Lions.”

But they’re a bit less physically aggressive than they were last year.”

The Bulldogs are unbeaten in their last eight matches against the Lions.

Thompson said there was some concern the Lions would be able to match the Bulldogs’ strength, but the Lions are just more experienced, he said.

“It’s a matter of them being on a bit of a higher pedestal,” he added.

The Bulldogs beat the Lions last season and will be in action again this year against West Coast.

The Lions have lost six straight matches to the Bulldogs and will face the team that defeated them in last year’s finals.

“They’ve got some very good players in that group of young guys,” Thompson said of the Lions’ youngsters.

“I think they’ve been working very hard on their preparation and trying to get better at the game.

They’ve got a good group of players and they’ve got great leadership.”

Thompson and the Brawlers are in the final round of the AFL’s rookie draft and will play against other rookie teams from the top-10 draft.

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