Cowboys’ Dwayne Harris wants to get a NFL team

Dwayne “The Rock” Harris said Monday that he wants to be the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, saying the franchise needs a new stadium to play in.

“I’d love to be in the stadium and I’d love the opportunity to play for a Super Bowl,” Harris told the Dallas Morning News.

“But I’m not saying that’s my only or my only option.”

The former heavyweight champion and four-time world champion said that the NFL has “got to get it right” if they’re going to retain their championship banner.

The Cowboys have already signed a multiyear contract extension through 2021.

Harris has spent his entire career with the franchise, which won six titles between 2010 and 2015.

Harris said that his wife, Dottie, and his three daughters are in a better place financially now than they were before they left their hometown of Dallas.

Harris has been one of the NFL’s most vocal critics of the league’s collective bargaining agreement, which was ratified by the players on Sunday.

He told ESPN in December that it was a “sad day for sports” when the players voted to approve the agreement in a last-ditch effort to avoid the possibility of a new labor deal that could see the league cut costs.

“I think we’ve all been very vocal in our frustration with the fact that the players want to have a new contract,” Harris said.

“We are all hoping that we can get a new deal.

We want to be a great organization, and I’m hoping we can have that.”NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been under fire since last year, when he announced the NFL was reopening its season without the NFL Network.

Harris said that Goodell was right to reopening the season, which is now scheduled for Nov. 4.

“We’re going back to the basics, to the fundamentals that the league and the league owners have been saying for the last four years,” Harris added.

“It’s time to make the players happy.”

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