How to watch Germany vs. USA on NBC Sports Live Extra

The NBC Sports Group has announced it is to be a premium broadcaster of live football action in the United States, with a new channel launching in 2019. 

NBC Sports LiveExtra is set to broadcast matches from the World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA Confederations Cup, as well as other matches in Europe and Asia. 

The channel will offer a live stream of matches, including the FA Cup and the Europa League, as part of its commitment to providing audiences with all the information and information about the competition and competitions that are relevant to them. 

“We are excited to partner with NBC Sports, who have an extensive history of delivering premium content and sports content in the US,” said Dan Stapleton, chief executive of NBC Sports. 

He added that the channel will also offer live coverage of the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and UEFA Champions’ League, with the exception of the Europa and the World Cups. 

While the channel does not have any match coverage, Stapton said it will provide information about matches across a number of sport channels. 

ESPN, which is also a partner of NBC, will also be part of the service, with live coverage across ESPN3 and ESPNU. 

As part of that, ESPN3 will be able to provide match coverage on the weekend and will also have access to NBC Sports content and commentary. 

Additionally, the channel also plans to be able provide a wide range of live coverage for the US national team, including matches and international friendlies, including those involving teams from the U.S. and Mexico, as they prepare for the World Championships in Russia in 2018. 

Stapleton added that NBC Sports will be a partner in all of NBC’s soccer content across the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and Australia. 

With a new NBC Sports channel launching, NBC Sports has a huge opportunity to be the only one of the big sports networks offering premium content for the fans. 

A spokesman for NBC Sports said: “The launch of a new premium sports channel at NBC Sports is a big win for fans and broadcasters. 

It will offer viewers all the content they need, including live match coverage from the biggest events of the World and European competitions, plus a comprehensive coverage of U.K. football.” 

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