I’m a comedian, and it’s time to make money for me

I am a comedian.

I’ve done comedy, I’ve been on television, I’m in The Big Bang Theory, I was a regular on the Late Show with David Letterman.

But I am no longer a comedian and my name is no longer John Oliver.

It’s now Joe Rogan.

The comedian who’s been at the forefront of bringing the internet to the masses, is a writer, actor, podcaster, director, and producer.

I interviewed him for my podcast, “The Joe Rogans Podcast,” and he’s the creator of The Joe Rogants: Patriot Voices, a podcast about the best comedians of all time.

I asked him about how his career got started, why he chose to go from stand-up to podcast, and what he’s doing now.VICE: What made you want to make a career out of comedy?JOE: When I was younger, I didn’t really have any goals in life.

My dad worked at a hardware store in the ’70s, and we worked in a car wash and we did the occasional phone call with people, and I just loved it.

So, I went to college, but I just didn’t want to do it.

I did it because it was a lot of fun and because I had a lot more free time.

It was like being in college for a couple of years and I loved it, but it wasn’t the same.

So I just got more involved in my own life, and that’s how I got into the podcast business.

But yeah, I always knew that if I wanted to be a comedian I would have to do stand-ups.

I had been doing stand-in for like two years, but when I went in as a stand-a-play, I realized that I wasn’t a good stand-alones, I wasn “good” at stand-comedy, I needed to become a stand up.

And so that’s when I did “The Daily Show,” which was a show that was kind of a comedy tour, and then “Joe Rogan Live,” which is a podcast where I interview comedians, and the next thing I knew, I got my first podcast.

And I thought, “I’ll make a podcast.”VICE: How did you come up with the idea for “The John Oliver Podcast”?JOE : I didn’ know anybody who was a standup, so I thought it was funny to have a stand comedy podcast.

I’d never had a stand comedian podcast before, and so I was like, “Why don’t I just make one up?”

I thought the name was a little funny.

I thought, If you have stand-alone material that people can actually listen to, why don’t you just make a stand alone podcast?

And I think that’s what I did, and they were just really, really good.

I really like the show.

I think they’re really good at what they do.

And it’s just been really fun.VICE

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