Sports gear website to take down controversial video of players using banned substance

NEW YORK (AP) The National Football League’s website will no longer include a video posted on its sports page in December 2015 that showed a team wearing helmets with no protective equipment.NFFO said Monday that it was taken down after being alerted by the league office that the video was “likely to be offensive” and “could create an intimidating environment for our fans.”

The video was shot in October 2015, a month after the NFL instituted a policy banning players from wearing helmets that have an integrated visor or face shield, or face masks, in order to protect against head injuries and concussions.

The league said the video had been removed because it was deemed inappropriate and “inappropriate to be shared on a public platform.”

The league’s statement said it did not intend to take the video down or apologize for the way it was captured.

“The league is committed to being a leader in addressing the issues surrounding concussions in the NFL, and we are taking action to ensure the safety of our players and fans,” the statement said.

The video shows a team in a black helmet wearing a visor that covers the helmet and neck area.

A team in red and white helmets has no visor.

The player in the video wears a helmet with no visors.

The helmet with visor is a custom-made helmet that can be bought on the NFL website for about $120, which includes the helmet, visor and padding.

The NFL has said helmet-use policy is intended to protect players from head injuries, and it has faced calls to remove the policy from the website.

The rule, first implemented in 2010, prohibits players from taking a helmet off in an official game.

But the NFL has acknowledged it is not always accurate to say players who are not wearing a helmet are safe to wear one on the field.NFAO said the league did not provide the video in its response to NFFO.

“While we have taken the video off the NFFOA website, we do not intend this action to be taken lightly,” the NFAO statement said, adding that it did “not intend the NFSO to be the only source for news and information regarding the NFL.”

The NFAOs statement said NFFo did not receive the video from the league.NFC officials have been critical of the NFL for not immediately releasing a list of banned substances and for not releasing a policy on player safety.

The statement said the NFL does not provide lists of banned substance on its website.

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