The BBC is planning a ‘superstition-filled’ BBC Newsnight special which will air on December 9

The BBC has been granted the right to broadcast a special to air on BBC News that will feature a panel of experts who will discuss a variety of conspiracy theories.

The BBC is looking to commission a “superstitious-filled” special that will see a panel from an expert panel discuss a range of conspiracy theory subjects.

The panel will be joined by conspiracy theorist David Icke, who is now on the BBC’s conspiracy theory watch list.

David Icke has also been banned from BBC News for his views on conspiracy theories, but BBC bosses have refused to give up the licence to air his programme, claiming they are “well within” the BBC News guidelines.

According to a BBC statement, the panel will discuss the recent murder of journalist Alison Parker, the assassination of a US congressman and other issues.

However, the BBC is now reportedly “well outside” its rules.”BBC Newsnight will air a special on December 1 that will highlight some of the issues that the panel is likely to address,” the statement said.

“The special will feature some of our most popular shows, including World News, BBC Breakfast, The Daily Politics and The World Tonight, with a mix of experts and experts and guests from the worlds of science, politics and culture.”

We have received some of your feedback about the special and we have listened to your concerns and are committed to continuing to give you a wide range of content that is not only factual, but also interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking.

“The BBC statement went on to say that the “special will be produced by the team of experts” and will be the BBCs first ever “super special” programme.

The full statement from the BBC follows a similar BBC statement that was posted to its website on Monday.

The statement was read out to a media gathering at the BBC headquarters in London.”

In the course of this special, we will discuss whether the recent death of Alison Parker and the assassination last week of a United States congressman are connected, and what is happening in the world.

“Then we will also look at what is the latest in the US-UK conflict, including the allegations made against Jeremy Hunt, the UK government and the President of the United States.”

The statement said the panel would be “representing a diverse range of experts from the academic world to the public” who would also discuss “the most important issues of the day”.

“We will also be looking at the current political landscape in the United Kingdom and around the world, including global issues such as the Brexit negotiations, Brexit, Brexiters and the United Nations.”

It will be a fascinating and entertaining programme that will also include a range to share ideas with the audience.

“Last week, the head of the BBC, Lord Hall, was reported to have warned the corporation against giving up the rights to air the programme, as the broadcaster continues to grapple with a series of controversies.

The former news editor and presenter has been on the watch list for a string of years for his criticism of the corporation, which he says is run by the same people who run the BBC and who he says are “unfair and biased”.

In January, it emerged that the BBC had granted an exclusive licence to the BBC World Service, meaning the broadcaster will broadcast news on the world stage.

The BBC World News programme is also due to air next week.

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