What the hell is a Hydra Sports website?

In a recent episode of the YouTube series “The Hydra Podcast,” the series’ hosts, Ben Soderlund and Sam Parnell, talk about a recent show they were having at the Hydra sports blog called “The Biggest Show in Town,” where they discussed a number of topics related to hydra sports.

Among them was the fact that the show was being broadcasted by HydraSports, the website for the Houston-based team known as the Houston Hydras.

The show, which ran in late December, featured a number a “news” segments, as well as a short segment featuring former Houston Texans linebacker and current NBA player Kofi Opare discussing how the team would be doing in the NFL.

Opare, who played in the league for 10 seasons, told the group that he was impressed with the team and that it was one of the most “excellent organizations in the business.”

The hydras, as they call themselves, are based in Houston, but also have some roots in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The podcast went off without a hitch, as the hosts and crew were able to interview Opare and the other members of the Houston team.

The show’s producers then went to the studio to record an interview with Opare in which he shared some of his thoughts on the sport, as he explained that he would love to return to the NFL and that the sport would be one of his top priorities.

When it was over, the hosts had Opare on the phone to discuss the podcast and his thoughts about the sport.

Opares response was pretty telling.

While Opare told the Houstonians that he wasn’t interested in the job of being a player, he admitted that he’s definitely interested in being a coach and being a part of a team.

He’s also interested in helping his fellow Houstonians prepare for the upcoming season.

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