What’s next for all the guys that play in the NFL?

NFL players will soon have a new and potentially lucrative gig: They’re making $1.4 million more per year than they did before, and they can do it for free.

In the eyes of the NFL Players Association, that’s good news.

But it also comes at a cost: A full year of NFL games, plus the next four, is already $2.6 million per season.

The league has to make up the difference with concessions and TV revenue, but the union has been adamant that a contract would have to include a guarantee that the games wouldn’t become a burden on the league’s coffers.

That, of course, would have added up to $7.3 million annually for the 10 games per season in the current schedule, plus $2 million for each extra game.

The union is looking at a five-year contract that would bring the total to $19 million per year, plus another $3 million for the first six years of the deal.

The $7 million for TV would come from the league if it makes a long-term deal with a television network, but there is no guarantee.

The players’ union is also looking at extending the current contract for another two seasons, which would make the current deal a little more generous.

It’s possible the union could get the contract up to six years, but that’s likely not going to happen.

The deal, however, is a no-brainer for the players, and it would give them a significant financial boost.

NFLPA president Eric Winston, who has long advocated for a new deal, said Thursday that he has talked with league commissioner Roger Goodell, who’s made clear that he wants to keep the current two-year deal.

“We’re looking forward to working with Commissioner Goodell and the players’ association to reach a deal that will protect players and give them an opportunity to play in stadiums across the country,” Winston said.

The NFLPA also has been in touch with ESPN to discuss an extension.

NFL Network chief executive John Skipper said he has been speaking with ESPN about an extension for about two weeks.

“It’s important to me that they get to a deal because the NFL Network is in a tough spot,” Skipper told reporters.

“They’re going to be under significant pressure to get something done because they are the one entity that has the financial resources to do it.”

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