Why do we like rugby so much? – Trinity Sports

The game of rugby has been around for a long time and we’re used to seeing a lot of it on television.

The game is a sport that we love and we love watching.

But it’s still got a lot to learn.

Here are some of the things that have helped us pick the game as our favourite sport.


The Rugby World Cup and its legacy of growth in recent years.

Rugby has grown massively over the past 10 years.

It’s become the most popular sport around the world, with more than 50 million people watching live rugby matches a year.

The 2015 Rugby World Championship saw more than 80 million viewers and was the most watched tournament of the year.

This has not happened in a while, as more and more countries have moved towards the sport and the growth in popularity has been staggering.

The 2017 Rugby World cup was one of the biggest events of the tournament, which has seen a lot more coverage than any other tournament ever.

This year’s Rugby World Twenty20 World Cup is set to attract more than 10 million viewers worldwide, which is more than the entire World Cup broadcast for this year alone.

Rugby is a global sport with fans around the globe and the growing popularity of the sport means that more people are watching it, so it’s going to continue to grow.

Rugby fans are more than just watching it and are part of the development of the game.


The number of teams in the game is growing rapidly.

The average number of players in a team is now about 5, with about 60 teams competing in the Rugby World Sevens Series.

This is still a very small number, but it’s growing steadily, as the sport becomes more popular around the planet.

In Australia, for example, the average number is only about 3.7.


Rugby was featured in the Oscar-winning film “The Social Network”.

This is due to the popularity of social media and the way it enables fans to connect with their favourite teams.


Rugby’s popularity is also growing fast.

Rugby League has a huge following in the UK, with fans in the country having been watching games on TV for more than 40 years.

This popularity is expected to continue for years to come.

The NRL is the world’s second largest professional league, with over 300,000 fans watching each game every week.


Rugby players are increasingly playing international competition.

The rise of international rugby players is a great story, as it is a fantastic opportunity for young players to hone their skills and develop their skillset in a new country.

Rugby league is a highly competitive sport and this means that there are a lot fewer players competing for a place on the international stage, making the game more interesting.

The likes of Benji Marshall and Anthony Watson, who played in the 2016 Rugby World sevens series, are two of the best international players of their generation.


Rugby clubs are starting to be recognised in their own right.

Rugby union is the most famous sport in the world with over 20 million fans watching every game, and clubs in the US and Canada are now recognised as leagues.

Clubs are recognised by the Professional Rugby Players Association, who are the owners of the international governing body for rugby league.

The clubs have their own unique set of rules and regulations which they use to set up their competitions, which make it easy for fans to follow.

Clubs also play in the ERC, which plays in England.


Rugby also has a global reach.

Rugby, as a sport, is a hugely popular sport in Australia, and the game has spread across the world.

There are currently five NRL clubs in Australia and seven in the rest of the world: Sydney Roosters, Canberra Raiders, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels and Melbourne Storm.


Rugby leagues are a way of life for many Australians.

Rugby codes have a rich history, having played an important role in the development and survival of many of our communities.

In the past century, the Rugby League and the NRL have grown to become some of Australia’s most successful and respected sports.


Rugby can be seen as a form of art.

Rugby represents an alternative way of being a professional athlete.

Many people will be surprised to find out that the game of Rugby is not only a sport but it also can be considered a form and a celebration of life.

It is also a way to build community and help build the values that people value.

This will hopefully encourage other people to take up the sport as well.


Rugby and the ABC are synonymous with rugby.

Both rugby codes have the same name, and both have been featured on the ABC.

The ABC has been airing Rugby World Series games since 1997, and it’s a big part of our rugby coverage.

This game has become a very popular sport across Australia and we’ve been able to see the growth of the ABC’s Rugby program in recent times.

Rugby remains an important part of Australia, with it’s popularity increasing and it has a lot going for it

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